Ain is a command-line HTTP API client. It's an alternative to postman, paw or insomnia. It lets you organize API endpoints using files and folders. You can use shell-scripts and executables for common tasks. You put things that change in environment-variables or .env-files. You can share the resulting curl or http(ie)-call. And you can pipe any output for further processing.

Sider is a command-line tool that makes importing, running and restoring multiple databases simple. You import your data once and then work on copies of it. If you mess up you restore it to the original import and off you go again. It makes running databases side-by-side on different ports easy. It currently supports redis, postgres and mongodb. You can read more about it in the back-story post here.

Spad-mats is a hard-working swede that helps you dig out your dirty secrets from git for you. It helps you check if you're doing literate atomic commits well enough on your repo.