Fix for broken chromium open in folder

My chromium did not handle open in folder correctly after a file had downloaded - nothing happend. On linux the first thing do to when a GUI application fails silently is to start it in a terminal instead - its usually a bit more chatty and will tell you more what's going on.

This appeared when issuing show in folder:
$> gvfs-open: /home/jonasl/Documents/exiting_file.txt: error opening location: Failed to change to directory '%u' (No such file or directory)
After some researching it turns out that chromium uses xdg-open to open applications. Xdg works by examining the $CURRENT_DESKTOP_SESSION in the glue file /usr/bin/xgd-open and if a Desktop enviroment is found forwards calls to that system mime handler.

I'm currently running Gnome as my DE so the mime handling is in turn done by gvfs-open (as inidicated in the error message above).

So now we're near the epiecenter of the problem. To query what mime applications that are registered for the type we're trying to open (inode/directory) issue:
$> gvfs-mime --query inode/directory
Default application for 'inode/directory': git-cola-folder-handler.desktop
Registered applications:
Recommended applications:
Ah, it tried to open folders via git-cola browser. No wonder it did not work. To change it to the folder of your choice:
$> gvfs-mime --set inode/directory nautilus.desktop
And to test it
gvfs-open /home/jonasl/exiting_testfile
Nautilus shows its shiny face! Test it in chrome and it works there too. Good times.