Hello world

Phew, just had to get that off my chest. It has been brewing for a couple of years now.

And who are you then?

Hacking stuff started at an early age – writing basic on an old 286 (no scoffing! It had an extra math co-processor chip thank you very much). Mostly because I wanted to see what I could make the computer do. Since then some education before now having worked in the software industry for about 7 years now on several different sites. First as a consultant before landing at my current workplace as a software developer and part time team lead.

Why write this blog?

As with any topic, first stage – learning the craft, second stage – actively employing it and third stage – starting to contribute and setting out to bring the field forward. This is one of those outlets, where hopefully I can contribute in some small way to the advancement of the craft.

Nothing evolves in vacuum. The greatest ideas are usually juxtapositions of other great ideas. I’ve been continually amazed at what people can come up with – its never just the sum of the parts. So hopefully this will go the same way, ideas bouncing off each other building something greater than the individual parts.

So the bar is set aptly high, all needed now is just producing content.